Goldens Bridge

When it was announced in the 1890s that the Croton Reservoir would fill up some of their land, proud Goldens Bridge Residents simply picked up their homes and used oxen to drag them a few miles west. This commitment to community, preservation and small-town values has endured since then, and Goldens Bridge is proud of its small-town spirit.

The Commute

Peak hour trains from Goldens Bridge to Grand Central run about 60 minutes. Off-peak trains can take up to 80 minutes.

The Landscape

Rocky Hills, pristine valleys, streams and lakes make up the terrain of Goldens Bridge. The enormous Muscoot Reservoir frames the western portion of the town.


Goldens Bridge is all about tranquility - without many stores, residents drive 10 minutes to Katonah or 30 minutes to White Plains for their shopping.

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